Feedback on Using the ITAV Toolkit

"We have never had such concrete, agreed-upon goals in this community."

“The ITAV framework provided a much-needed template and starting point for a thoughtful discussion about community engagement and participation.  The structure of each facet provides participants with guidelines while still remaining adaptable and flexible enough to account for the unique needs and use cases for our community.  It’s a tool I plan to use again in the future.”

“Love having a vetted, structured framework to bring focus and meaning to the planning process…”

Feedback on the ITAV Guidebook

“Our OSS project sustainability planning has been deeply enriched by the case studies, syntheses, and synopses presented. Reading the Guidebook was a revelation‐‐realizing that there are people and organizations who have blazed these OSS organizational tasks and have left behind a rich and deep history of successful approaches and challenges. This guidebook felt like a coming out or coming of age primer for OSS projects seeking sustainability. I can't emphasize enough how insightful and richly nuanced the guidance is in this book, and how thoughtfully it is organized and presented.”

“The VIVO project has been exploring ways to engage our governance group members in operational tasks for VIVO, and the ITAV guidebook came along at exactly the right time for our project. It’s reassuring to see that our project is undergoing a transition that seems typical for other OSS communities and I know we’ll benefit from the collective wisdom and best practices provided by the guidebook. Thanks to everyone who contributed!”

Julia Trimmer, 2020, VIVO Governance Chair

“I love the way its laid out – probably the best laid out report I’ve ever read.  It let me tell some really busy people that if they just read 10 pages they would have a great intro to the whole subject and a place to start digging into the specifics.”