The ITAV in Practice Toolkit is an adaptable set of tools for practical use in planning and managing sustainability for open-source software (OSS) initiatives serving cultural and scientific heritage. 

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A governance model describes the roles that project participants can take on and the process for strategic and tactical decision making within the project. In addition, it describes the ground rules for participation in the project and the processes for communicating and sharing within the project team and community.


The core of each of these programs is open source software or systems serving cultural and scientific heritage organizations. There are parallels with proprietary software development processes, but working within the open source world brings its own challenges around community, resources, and governance that affect the software development process.


In order to launch, grow, and thrive, OSS programs need resources both human and fiscal. Human resources encompass engineers writing code, community members providing use cases, colleagues or consultants providing assistance with strategic planning, or organizational homes with fiscal stewardship. Financial resources come in and go out in a wide variety of ways – in via contributions, grants, dues, sponsorships, etc., and out via salaries, servers, telecommunications, and overhead.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement facet reflects efforts to facilitate and foster involvement within a community. It is focused on encouraging users to become stakeholders. A component of this facet also includes communication and outreach efforts to the community itself as well as the wider world of decision makers, potential users, funding agencies, and others.